Integrate AI into your research, planning, and email workflows.

Use roleplaying AIs to conduct meetings in advance and synthetic market research.
Then email them with your colleagues cc'd.


ATAT: Transforming Workplaces with AI Collaboration

ATAT revolutionizes the way AI agents are shared and utilized in the workplace, making it simple for colleagues to collaborate and conduct complex multi-agent simulations. With ATAT, you can:

  • Share AI agents with colleagues easily, enhancing collaborative efforts
  • Steer multi-agent simulations, even without advanced technical knowledge
  • Access powerful shortcodes to unlock advanced AI features effortlessly
  • Improve workplace efficiency and decision-making through AI-driven insights

ATAT's user-friendly platform empowers teams to integrate AI seamlessly into their workflows, enabling richer collaboration and smarter simulations controlled by intuitive commands.

ABE: Ask questions of AIs

ABE (A/B+Election) is an advanced feature of the Semantic Life AI Agent Dashboard, enabling you to conduct A/B testing and elections among AI agents across different timeframes. Utilize ABE to:

  • Initiate A/B tests or elections to understand agent preferences in various contexts
  • Extract insights from complex agent decision-making processes
  • Design polls tailored to specific research questions or objectives
  • Produce comprehensive reports and visualizations to interpret the polling outcomes

Empower your research and development with ABE's ability to tap into the collective intelligence of AI agents, facilitated by an interactive dashboard for dynamic polling.

Unlocking New Possibilities with AI

Strategic Market Forecasting

Utilize our advanced AI to dive deep into market dynamics, offering unparalleled insights into consumer trends and behavior. Perfect for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

Intelligent Decision Support

Empower your organization's decision-making with AI-driven analyses and predictions. Facilitate smarter, data-backed decisions that drive success.

Personalized Customer Roleplaying

Transform business development and sales planning with AI that understands and responds to individual needs, delivering customized coaching and roleplaying, increasing customer satisfaction.

Research Tools

Leverage our AI for cutting-edge research and development projects. Benefit from a versatile toolset that supports complex simulations and agent-based models, opening doors to new discoveries.

Products & Services

Hosted Solution

A fully managed, cloud-based platform for seamless AI integration into your business processes.

Customization for Ad Agencies

Tailored AI solutions to enhance creativity and efficiency in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Customization for Investment Funds

Advanced AI analytics for investment strategies, risk assessment, and market predictions.

Creative Collaboration for Media Companies

Innovative AI-driven tools for content creation, audience engagement, and trend analysis.

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Creative AI/Agent/Synth Development and Testing

Leverage our expertise to develop and test cutting-edge AI agents and synthetic models tailored to your needs.

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